Transform your Business with The Intelligence Exchange

Modern businesses need data-backed methods at the foundation of their business models. An intelligence exchange turns a complex business model simple, transforming companies by giving them and their ecosystems actionable, real-time intelligence. With the right insights, businesses working with The Intelligence Exchange lead industries, improve business results, transform the economics of their business and rebound quickly from disruption. 

Gain Critical Insights 
with Actionable Intelligence

The Intelligence Exchange improves your business by providing continuously updated demand intelligence from the local level upward. By creating ecosystem connectivity and alignment, you'll improve forecasting, decision-making, and response time across your ecosystem.

With the right intelligence, businesses working with The Intelligence Exchange lead industries by staying ahead of market changes. By understanding, responding to and driving demand, businesses can easily optimize their supply chains and operational infrastructure to minimize deadweight loss and maximize profit.

Intelligence You Can Trust. Insights You Can Use.

Volatile demand necessitates the use of contemporary data. The Intelligence Exchange creates intelligence by gathering trusted public data sources, securely tapping into data from ecosystem partners, and applying traditional and modern analytical methods. All data is transferred and stored efficiently and securely, neutralizing security and privacy threats. The intelligence is delivered and refined by working with exchange members to securely share intelligence via a federated model within an exchange. That stored data never goes to other members, but the intelligence can be shared across your ecosystem.

The Intelligence Exchange’s cutting-edge technology accurately predicts consumer behavior and reduces costly friction, providing actionable insights to all businesses in a company’s operational infrastructure.

Why Choose The Intelligence Exchange?

The Intelligence Exchange can help simplify intelligence sharing across your entire ecosystem, delivering key insights into trends before they occur. In collaboration with The Intelligence Exchange, you will be able to implement Intelligence-as-a-Service across your ecosystem to:

  • Create data-driven intelligence not available anywhere else
  • Solve a variety of business problems as your business changes and grows
  • Provide low-cost and low-risk intelligence
  • Monetize your business’ data assets
  • Leverage data from partners to create and share intelligence

The market is everchanging, and demand intelligence will give your business the competitive edge it needs to compete in an ever-volatile market.

For more information about how you can join an Intelligence Exchange, call us at (888)-276-0350 or email us here.

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