Demand Intelligence
Understand changes in consumer demand as they occur using data from 
you, your partners, 
and external sources
Common Operating Picture
Align your supply chain so everyone gets the right intelligence at the right time
Ecosystem Intelligence
Monitor the success of your ecosystem in implementing 
change during 
times of disruption

Incite Better Results With Unique Demand intelligence

Continual disruption in your supply chain has left you behind the curve in anticipating consumer behavior. But the right business insights will bring you back in touch with changes in demand, boosting your profits and optimizing your business. That’s why we use data from you, your partners, and external sources to bring you unique, of-the-moment Demand Intelligence by:
  • Product (from SKU to category)
  • Local Market (from zip code to nationwide), and
  • Customer (from site to headquarters)

Align Your Supply Chain Partners

Profits suffer when your business isn’t aligned. The dozens of suppliers, distributors, and partners along your supply chain receive the same of-the-moment Demand Intelligence, allowing for an agile, coordinated response to consumer demand. We ensure you and your partners have a shared view of anticipated demand, enabling you to collaborate to: quickly identify gaps in product availability, better allocate available products to meet demand, and increase the return on promotional spending.

Realize Potential by Understanding Partner Performance

Ensure your business partners are leveraging the opportunities from your business insights. We enable you to track how your Demand Intelligence is used, updating you on who in your ecosystem has accessed and successfully responded to the changes in consumer behavior. With The Intelligence Exchange’s unique platform, you can easily monitor if your ecosystem partners are contributing to your coordinated response efforts.

For more information about how you can join an Intelligence Exchange,
call us at (855)-760-6003 or have a member of our team reach out to you!

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