Transforming the Economics of Your Business 

We began to see it several years ago—people with incredible talent for solving problems being paid next to nothing and scrambling for relevance. A professor at an Eastern European university with expertise in signal processing. A young protégé from East Asia building artificial intelligence systems at night instead of gaming. A programmer from Siberia where it was 30 degrees outside stuck inside building websites. None of them knew anything about the problems that faced businesses. All of them had skills that were, in our view, going to waste.

And, we saw that companies needed cost-effective new ways to solve business problems in a dynamic business environment.

Amazon could afford to hire 70,000 experts in data science and AI to find ways to reduce costly the friction in their business. Facebook and Google could also make staggering investments. But, others who were desperate to find a way to apply AI and compete with those behemoths lacked the resources and confidence to make the large, risky investments needed.

Applying data science wasn’t the only obstacle. How do you connect companies who compete against each other and fear that their competitors will see their data and use it against them? How do you create a platform that can supply the granular intelligence needed for decision-making and that can be quickly and cost-effectively adapted to different industries?
Eric Hillerbrand, a serial entrepreneur, heard the stories from those other companies. He had built technology for the defense industry to share intelligence that could be trusted not only for its accuracy but also because of its source. The idea of engaging talent starved for real-world challenges to connecting companies to share intelligence across an ecosystem by was born.

At what is now The Intelligence Exchange a global network of talent developed a platform that deployed AI, blockchain, and other modern methods to solve the problems of sourcing, evaluating, and sharing intelligence. With it, businesses tap into the latent intelligence in their ecosystems. They better understand demand; respond quickly in an efficient, coordinated way; and shape future demand.

The COVID-19 pandemic further revealed the platform’s value. Companies needed to respond to rapidly changing market conditions to survive. To be able to do that, they needed to continuously share intelligence with their partners and customers, delivering it where they wanted it, and the way they needed it to take action. And, many needed to make a strategic change and reimage their businesses to compete in the face of accelerated disruption of their industry.

Today, The Intelligence Exchange platform is the leader in creating and sustaining Intelligence Ecosystems that thrive in all types of market conditions.

Transforming the Way Businesses 
Deploy and Apply Intelligence

The Intelligence Exchange transforms B2B2C business ecosystems with intelligence about consumer demand and partner performance. Its innovative software platform makes businesses more agile and resilient, increasing visibility and reducing uncertainty to improve supply and distribution connections, collaboration, efficiency, and results. The software continually applies AI and other methods to external data sources, creating Demand Intelligence that accurately anticipates changes in demand by product, local market, and customer. It provides a Common Operating Picture that aligns partners and streamlines responses to changes. And, it delivers Ecosystem Intelligence, enabling monitoring of partner responsiveness and continuous performance improvement.

Based in Chicago with a team of passionate, skilled individuals, The Intelligence Exchange is committed to helping businesses revolutionize their decision-making. The Intelligence Exchange is proud to help build agile, resilient businesses that thrive in an uncertain world.

The Intelligence Exchange Executive Team

Eric Hillerbrand
CEO & Founder
Eric Jensen
Chief Product Officer
John Dybdal
SVP of Ecosystem Intelligence

For more information about how you can join an Intelligence Exchange,
call us at (855)-760-6003 or have a member of our team reach out to you!

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