Get Everyone on the Same Page. Improve Execution.

Better results start with a shared understanding that enables better decisions, better connections, and better collaboration. Whether consumer demand is headed up or down, you and your partners can have the intelligence you need to succeed.
Understand consumer demand
Respond quickly
and confidently
Align your 
partner network
Drive future demand

Unleash Strategic and Operating Value
with an intelligence Ecosystem

To respond quickly and efficiently, you and your partners need shared intelligence that lives outside the walls of any one business. By tapping into external sources, including the marketplace and your partners, you can enable fast, smart, collaborative decisions across the entire supply chain.
Become a More Agile and
Resilient Enterprise
Gain a granular understanding of anticipated changes in demand you can use 
in many ways
Achieve Better
Business Outcomes
Reduce uncertainty and 
improve outcomes when
you and your partners are 
on the same page
Get Actionable Intelligence Unique to Your Ecosystem
Continually improve operating results by monitoring ecosystem performance

Get in touch

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Direct line number

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(888) 276-0350

How you can participate ?

Promote Your Business
Create a limited algorithm and we will load it onto the platform. Benefits for you are receiving publicity and additional work.
Request a Dataset to Show Off Your Skills
Ask us for a dataset and we will provide one related to the food service industry. You can build a sample and help out their companies. 
Create a Sample of Your Capabilities
Use a synthetic dataset and we will load it onto the platform. When we sell the "teaser" work to our members, you can then produce the real thing.
Loading Full Solutions to the Platform
Once we load fully capable intelligence onto Blockchain, it then can run it in a limited mode until it is purchased.
Collaborate With Others
Work alongside other Data Scientists in the Intelligence Exchange to provide aid to the food service and restaurant industries.

Reshape Your Business and Improve Results

Make your business more agile, resilient, and profitable. The Intelligence Exchange platform aligns and improves supply chains by creating and delivering timely, highly accurate Demand and Ecosystem Intelligence across B2B2C ecosystems.

Its innovative, ecosystem-centric approach applies AI and other analytical methods to enterprise, public, private, and partner data sources. The intelligence is available on-screen in easy-to-understand visualizations and
via file exports and integration into business systems.

Implementation includes professional services that identify how each business can realize maximize value from 
the intelligence and establish an incremental, deployment strategy that delivers value quickly.
Demand Intelligence
Gain an in-depth understanding of current trends and anticipated changes by product, local market, 
and customer
Common Operating Picture
Coordinated, margin-driving
responses are enabled by
actionable intelligence that is
shared across the ecosystem
Ecosystem Intelligence
Understand how well each
partner responded to changes
and improve results

Learn more about the intelligence exchange

Intelligence ExchangesWhite Papers

For more information about how you can join an Intelligence Exchange,
call us at (513)-760-6003 or have a member of our team reach out to you!

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